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Daily blog posts about:

  • Beauty minis || aren’t they adorable?  Do you collect them?  I know I do!
  • Beauty boxes || subscriptions, limited editions and one-offs
  • Beauty sets and kits || these will usually have minis.  They feed the addiction.
  • Collections || edits from my stash.  Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to shop yours.
  • Deals || sometimes I find great ones.  I love sharing!
  • Gifts with purchase || yeah, those are usually minis too.
  • Skincare || I am very much part of the “skincare first, makeup second” crowd



All photos on yvettemypet site were taken by Evie Lawler.  Rarely, you’ll find a referential photo which I will clearly source.  Photos in product widgets are property of their respective retailers.  If you’d like to use a photo of mine, contact me via DM on Instagram and we’ll work something out.  Usually, I’ll just want credit if it’s a blog.


About Lawler

I read beauty blogs like it’s my job.  I’m now going to write one like it’s my job.  But it won’t be, because my job is a project manager for a consulting firm.  My most recent projects involve sustainable agriculture.  It’s fun, and it’s challenging.  That’s why I like to kick back in my spare time and look at eyeshadow crayons and tiny bottles of moisturizer.

I got interested in beauty products after being introduced to the science aspect via the Skin & Tonics blog.  It was all downhill or uphill from there depending on your perspective.  The good is that I’m pretty satisfied with my collection of things.  There are still a few holes I want to fill, yet.  The bad is that I feel like it is far too much a collection of things than products I am actually using.  So, that’s why we’re here.  I’m handling and familiarizing myself with things I usually put on display with the sole purpose to use them up and share what I’ve learned about them.  I’m also working on a project to put my stash into a database using Sortly (highly suggested for those who think a spreadsheet just isn’t enough).  I’ll link to the post about Sortly here once I make one.


Comment Policy

Don’t be a jerk.  That’s it.  You’re allowed to post links to your blogs in your Disqus signature or username.  There is no such thing as an old or dead post.  If you want to talk about it, I’m listening and will respond.  Feel free to chat with other commenters.  Feel free to ask questions.  Feel free to link to your blog post if it is relevant to the subject matter of my blog post.  I try to upvote every comment I get so that you know I read what you have to say.



I am not a medical professional.  I cannot diagnose you or your dermatological condition.  I will try to give advice based on my knowledge, but I am not responsible for the outcome of any information taken from my posts or comments.  Skin is so finicky.  So please remember that an endorsement from me is not a guaranteed favorable outcome for you.



I do and have purchased all of the products featured on this blog myself.  It’s just a hobby blog, so I do not accept sponsored posts. If that changes in the future, I will update this space.  All the copy you find here is my own.

My posts may contain affiliate links.  If you click on affiliated products linked in my post, I may receive a small commission from the retailer for sending you their way.  I may earn an incrementally larger one if you follow through with a purchase.  I’m already a couple hundred in the hole here, guys.  It’ll take literal years for any affiliate marketing to make a difference.  But every little bit helps me keeps the lights on.  And I appreciate you hanging around, clickity-clacking, and talking beauty with me.  If you see something you like and would rather not click an affiliate link, just copy the text of the product, paste it into the browser of your choice, and let a search engine do its thing!


(updated 6/12/18)