Target ‘Treat Yourself’ Beauty Box | Limited Edition


For those you who don’t know, Target releases a monthly beauty box. These boxes are available online only and sell out quickly (as did this one). Because they are not subscription-based, some months you’ll get lucky and others you will leave you a little sad. Perhaps because of this collective customer sadness or just because Target wanted to try a new model, several boxes, not just one, were released in late March in-store only. Each box had peppy cover art instead of the usual black box. I never made it to a store to get any. But, luckily, Target decided to sell them online a few weeks later. Today we are discussing the Target Treat Yourself box.


First Impressions

Spa Stuff

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath (Restore & Replenish)

The scent is light citrus and mint. It doesn’t assault me nearly as much as the Lavender version of this (got that one as a promo item at Ulta). I use Dr. Teal’s Epsom salts, so I’m curious to see how well these liquids soften the skin. They contain salts, but in what quantity? Is it concentrated?

ME! Bath tini ME! Bath Bomb

This wee ball is the teeny version of the regular bath bombs. There is one in this package. I reckon it won’t do much considering the directions refer to ‘bombs’ as plural. So, I can’t fairly give you a fizzing report on this one. The scent is a straight-forward lavender. It’s not my preferred scent. But I don’t hate it like I usually do with lavender products.

Luxe by Mr. Bubble Meltaways Bath Candies (Sweet & Clean)

Surely everyone remembers Mr. Bubble! I give them credit. This line is an excellent way to re-introduce the Mr. Bubble brand. The packing has that throw-back 50’s vibe that Soap & Glory and The Balm tend to prefer. So, that ‘Candies’ thing in their title? Accurate! They smell like SweetTarts. When I was setting up the photo, I said out loud to myself, “do NOT put this in your mouth”.

Other Stuff

Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

I’ve never tried anything from Honest Beauty before. I can’t report on this one because the package is sealed and I’d like to leave it that way until I’m ready to use it. Sorry! ( I am doing a strict skincare routine right now. Did you hear? ) I do like that it has a fermented ingredient as well as some calendula (and other soothing agents). So I trust that this won’t strip my skin. We’ll see when I get a chance to test its pH.

Free & Lovely by Bodycolody Softening Body Butter (coconut & rose)

My scent nemesis? Rose. As soon as I opened the beauty box, this body butter lit my house up as though I lived in a Lush store. If you like coconut and rose, you may like this. The product is a mostly shea butter base. Please don’t ask me to put this one because it is currently marching to the de-stash pile.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (Red Dahlia)

This balm has the most subtle dark berry color. I will say this is more a wash of color than a tint. You know what surprised me to most? No mint flavor. I thought all Burt’s Bees products have mint at their core. The formula is less waxy than the brand’s other balms. I’m impressed–a comfortable, pretty, lightly fruity surprise.

Olay Regenerist Whip

It’s time to be mean. There’s nothing of note here in the ingredients except some niacinamide (which I like), one peptide and some panthenol. That sounds good except those things got buried under a silicone bomb with a host of fatty alcohols on top. I’m not sure I want to put this on my body, let alone my face. (I use products that I hate way, way down on my legs, so I don’t notice them but get some nice moisture out of the deal.)

Level of Excitement:

5 out of 7. The body butter and the Olay product are a bust for me. I’m willing to give the others a fair shot. The Meltaways Bath Candies are first!

Since new things are afoot in the Target Beauty Box world, you don’t want to miss out. Check out My Subscription Addiction if you would like to see past boxes and keep up with beauty box news in general. You can sign up for email alerts for your favorite subscription boxes. It’s a pretty comprehensive site.

Did I log all of these in Sortly? Absolutely! More information on Sortly and how I use it to organize my beauty stash is coming just as soon as I get everything entered. That may be 2025. So don’t hold your breath.


What are your favorite products to use when you soak in the bath?  Feel free to link a post if you have a relevant one. I love discovering new blogs. Also, if you like money, do check out my Deal of the Day page.  


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