Spot and Acne Patches – There Are Two Kinds!

One of these things is not like the others.

Today we are looking at spot patches, acne dots, or blemish bandages. Whichever you call them, they all pretty much work the same except one!  I use these to kill or heal blemishes depending on the product.  I rarely have spots anymore.  Read on to find out why!



Hydrocolloid Bandages – Do They Really Work?

Yes! Hydrocolloid bandages have been used in the medical professional realm for quite a while. They draw any seepage into the dressing, lock it away, while keeping the wound clean and moist for better healing and less scarring.

Companies have miniaturized this innovation into acne spot dots / blemish patches. These tiny hydrocolloid circles are best to use when you have a visible whitehead on your spot.



Three In My Collection:


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

You get 24 dots for about $6. They come in three sizes (10 of the 7mm, 5 x 10mm, and 9 x 12mm in each package).

COSRX are the ones I use the most since I’ve been exposed to this brand longer than the others. They stay stuck, don’t irritate my skin after removal, most importantly knockout a whitehead overnight. I wish there were more of the medium-sized patches. I use those the most. I’m often worried the 7mm size won’t keep a good seal once they start to draw out the blemish.


Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics

This one is new to me. Mighty Patch comes in a pack of 36 for $13. All the spots are 13mm. This would be ideal for someone who finds varied sizes in their dots an annoyance.

Check out my Deal of the Day page to see how to try them for yourself for only $2.50 plus free shipping!


Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

Peach Slices brand is produced by the retailer Peach and Lily. These are available in a pack of 30 for about $5. They come in three sizes: 15 x 7mm, 6 x 10mm, and 9 of the 12mm.  I can get them at my local pharmacy, CVS.



Other Uses for Hydrocolloid Spots

  • A physical barrier to stop you from picking at your face
  • Mosquito bites
  • Small wounds that make pharmacy bandages a bit overkill


Which Is The Best Value?

For me, COSRX!

I can get COSRX patches at Ulta which has a remarkable rewards program, getting points that convert to cash for every purchase sways my vote. However, COSRX is only available online for me. Sometimes I don’t like to wait for shipping and time is money!

Peach Slices are available in-store and CVS continually has Rewards Bucks offers and 20% off vouchers in my inbox.  Although their price-per-patch should solidify my vote, there are far too many of the tiny 7 mm in the pack to seem worth it without a good sale at the pharmacy.

Price Breakdown

Mighty Patch has a whopping 36-count package of the largest-size patch available for $13. This comes to 36 cents per patch.

COSRX comes in a 24-count in three sizes for $6. That’s about 25 cents per patch.

Peach Slices has 30 patches for $5. This calculates to 17 cents per patch.



Other Considerations

  • Use fewer skin care products in the area where you’ll apply a spot. Oils are the natural enemy of adhesives. You want this to stay on all night.
  • Leave them on for 8 hours. Mighty Patch recommends at least six.
  • Some people experience skin sensitivity to the adhesives in these types of patches. So, spot test one on a sensitive spot–behind your ear or on your wrist and check for itchiness. If you are very reactive to skincare, this is not an optional step!


What’s The Deal With the Other One?


Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots
This product is not a hydrocolloid. It is a plastic dot that delivers a medicated punch to your spots.

It’s my favorite for several reasons:

  1. These patches have active ingredients: they contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil
  2. They eliminate spots before they come to a head. Salicylic acid penetrates pores and exfoliates the debris that causes an acne spot. Tea tree oil reportedly has anti-bacterial properties, removing those little infections under the skin surface.
  3. They eliminate my need for ever using hydrocolloid bandages. I use them at the first sign of a blemish–the ones you can feel happening before they ever appear.
  4. They don’t dry out my skin. PTR uses hyaluronic acid in the patches to ensure there’s no skin irritation from the salicylic acid.
  5. They are thinner than hydrocolloid patches and clear. I can make a run to the store without worrying about looking a mess.

These dots are available on their own and in Peter Thomas Roth’s Acne System kit (which I highly recommend!).



Anything New?

COSRX has a new Clear Fit Master Patch that is reported to be thin enough to wear under makeup. The edges are thinner than the standard patches. And Mighty Patch has an Invisible Patch along the same lines.

Mighty Patch makes larger patches (in rectangle shape) in case you have an entire area to treat.  But, in all honesty, just grab a box of hydrocolloid blister bandages at your local pharmacy.  They are the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Peace Out, Yes to Tomatoes, and Skyn Iceland have products I haven’t tried yet. Patchology recently released their own version of the acne dot (it is available in their Breakout Box).  You can shop all these and other items mentioned in the widget below. I’m most excited about the Skyn Iceland patches because they have the same active ingredients as Peter Thomas Roth and are a lot cheaper. I will be purchasing those as soon as I run out of my blue box.



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Do you have a favorite spot patch? Do tell!


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