Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

Sugar scrubs for the bath are nothing new. But the delivery method Harper + Ari uses for its range of scrubs feels fresh and exciting! These tiny squares are reminiscent of  sugar cubes you drop in your coffee or tea, come in a variety of scents, and three packaging options. Harper + Ari call these small-batch, hand-crafted cubes “dessert for your skin.” Let’s investigate.

Why I Wanted It

If something catches my eye in the beauty world, the first thing I look for is a set of minis or a way to own the whole range at once. Tiny, colorful things are irresistible to me. In marches Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes with it’s pretty packaging made to look like a tray of candies and a variety of their signature scents!  I really appreciate when brands offer a way to try a variety of their products without sacrificing aesthetic or quality.

How Do They Smell?

Yummy! The Discovery Set has Apricot, Peach, Coconut, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Tangerine. Blue Raspberry could be any sour fruit. Apricot and Peach have that stone-fruit smell but are a bit indistinguishable. Tangerine is a bright peppy citrus, as it should be. And coconut is bold and tropical. Lemon is the head scratcher–it smells of nothing, really. I expected a full-on experience with a typically bold scent like lemon. As a note, and to be fair, since this is a variety pack, it is VERY possible that the cubes took on the scents of their neighbors. In the large bottles, you may find a stronger and more individual scent experience.

From my bath products, I’m not a fan of scents that linger all day since I have other colognes, lotions, or hair sprays that I’d like to wear instead. I see bathtime as a sensory experience that I don’t necessarily want to carry with me. An exception can be made for ranges that incorporate their fragrances into a variety of products as Molton Brown and Jo Malone do. So, I’m glad that Harper + Ari are fun in the shower but aren’t so overpowering that they allow me to wear my own fragrance wardrobe. If you don’t layer anything on top, the scent from the cubes lasts successfully for a few hours.

How Well Do They Work?

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are fun, moisturizing, and exfoliate pretty well. They also dissolve quickly. So I recommend pre-cutting your cubes to divide amongst body parts or you’ll run through your jar faster than you’d like.

A Range of Colors And Scents

Boxes of six minis come in two variety packs. The Discovery Set (which we’re featuring here) has six different scents. While the Brunch Collection Gift Box has two each of three types of cubes: Coffee, Juice Cleanse, and Rosé.

The larger, gorgeous 16oz jars come with a presently undetermined quantity, but from looking at the bottle appear to be 16-20 cubes. These would look lovely in the shower (and on Instagram!).

You can also find the full range as individual scents in 6-count gift boxes. On Harper+Ari’s site, there are two larger gift sets.

My Faves

Tangerine and Blue Raspberry are my favorites so far. I tend to lean towards sour scents when picking fruit, candies, and smoothies; so, this makes sense.

I’d like to try Juice Cleanse and Coffee next. Speaking of Juice Cleanse, have you seen my post about beauty products inspired by green juice ingredients?


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