Ellis Brooklyn Fragrance Discovery Set

Ellis Brooklyn Fragrance Discovery Set

I kept seeing these luxurious, olive-colored bottles of body milk floating about the beauty magazine websphere and had to know everything about them, a frequent condition of mine once I spot packaging I like. Turns out, Ellis Brooklyn was founded by New York Times beauty writer, Bee Shapiro. Bee also recently wrote book the Skin Deep, a collection of her columns.

What really got me interested was the reappearance of bergamot, musks, cedarwood, and sandalwood in the scent profiles. Since this grouping is right up my alley, I desperately needed to know what that luscious looking body milk range smelled like without having to return an online order.

Ellis Brooklyn, a vegan, small-batch company committed to sustainability made another great decision: making travel sizes of their scent range in an attractive package! The Fragrance Discovery Set has six vials and comes in a stylized book that has a magnetic closure. They are set inside in velveteen molds.


Here’s a rundown of the notes:


Top: Neroli, black currant
Mid: Honeysuckle, petitgrain, dewy violet
Dry: Crisp amber, cedarwood


Top: Bergamot, ambrette seeds, cassis
Mid: Tiger orchid, pink lotus, jasmine petals
Dry: Patchouli, liquid musks, white cedarwood


Top: Mandarin, rhubarb
Mid: Peony, pink lotus
Dry: Patchouli, blond woods, liquid musks


Top: Neroli, petitgrain
Mid: Orange flower, lavender
Dry: Cashmere woods, white suede

RRose (not a typo!)

Top: Sicilian lemon, cassis, pear
Mid: Lotus blossom, peony, Centifolia rose petals
Dry: Cashmere woods, spring musks, vanilla orchid

Sci Fi

Top: Bergamot, bitter orange
Mid: Green tea, pink freesia
Dry: Cashmere woods, vanilla beans

Bottles of perfume, body milk, and candles are available in all the above scents.

My favorite is Myth, as I suspected.  All of these offerings are clean and crisp.  Perhaps all are a bit light for me since I prefer deeper, muskier, woodier scents (Tom Ford Oud Wood, Dyptique Tam Dao, Byredo Oliver Peoples).  If you like those, I’m not sure if there’s anything in this set for you. However, if you think those are too ‘masculine’ you’d probably enjoy this set.  I think Sci Fi was my most pleasant surprise.  I can find use for all of these.  Even RRose despite rose being my beauty product nemesis.

This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this product with my own funds which allowed me to partially fulfill my unending quest to own mini sizes of all my favorite lines. Try before you buy! However, you will find affiliate links sprinkled throughout. Read Site Info for more details.

Is there an indie fragrance line you’ve discovered that have the notes I favor? Do share!




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