Dermstore Earth Day Sale! My Picks for 20% Off

My picks for the 20% off Earth Day sale at Dermstore include Fur Oil, Herbivore's Blue Tansy, Sunday Riley's Good Genes, the REN Atlantic Sea Kelp line and Hebivore's Rose Hibiscus mist.


{This sale is over, but fret not!  Dermstore regularly has 20% off voucher codes.  Sign up for Dermstore Rewards to be notified.  Continue reading below for my sale wishlist and why I chose those items.  In the future, you can find sale alerts under the Deal of the Day tab up top.}


In honor of Earth Day, Dermstore is having a 20% off sale for its natural product lines.  Use code NATURAL at checkout.  The sale runs until April 25th.  The products are divided into Natural Skin Care, Natural Hair Care, Natural Cosmetics, and Natural Bath & Body sections.  You can expect to see brands like African Botanics, Jane Iredale, Elemis, Korres, and RMS Beauty.  Aside from those, I’ve chosen products from Sunday Riley, Hervibore, Fur, and Ren.

Sunday Riley Good Genes |  This overnight skin resurfacer and conditioner is often excluded from sales, so now is the time!  It’s the main active is lactic acid, a gentler alternative to glycolic.

Hervibore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist |  I’ve tried quite a few mists and this one never leaves my skin feeling tight or in a hurry to reapply.  Aside from moisture, I swear I can detect a slight exfoliating property to this mist as my skin always feels smoother after I use it.  You know I love it because I am not at all a fan of rose-scented anything and it is my absolute favorite mist.

Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA BHA Resurfacing Mask | I haven’t tried this yet, but I hope to love it.  This is one of the few exfoliating sleeping packs that contains both alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  So, you get both a deep de-gunking and a surface smoothing product in one.  I love the trend of blue and purple products, usually full of skin-healing ingredients.

Fur Oil | Not only a conditioner for pubic hair and the delicate skin found there, but a welcome respite from floral scents everyone associates with feminine care.  The brand also carries an ingrown hair treatment, but some users report that Fur Oil performs this duty on its own.

REN Atlantic Sea Kelp Line |  I’m honestly more into the magnesium addition to some of the products in this range. A naturally occurring mineral, magnesium reports calming, skin-healing attributes.  Epsom salt is mostly magnesium and we’ve been encouraged to soak in that for aches and pains for ages.  I’m mostly interested in the body wash and body cream.  There’s also a hand wash, body scrub, and a few other offerings.


What are you picking up at the Dermstore sale?  Any natural brands or products you have your eye on?


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