Smashbox Be Legendary Minis + Swatches



These Smashbox Be Legendary minis were part of a limited edition Holiday 2017 collection: Decked Out, Drawn In.  But do not worry!  All of these colors are part of Smashbox’s permanent Be Legendary line.  It’s their tiny size and illustrations that make them limited edition.  Smashbox provided the color descriptions.  And you’ll see that I disagree with the majority of them.  Find out more about that after the swatches. In the photo above, clockwise from the top, you’ll see:

Witchy | Deep Burgundy
Fig | Red Grape
Famous | Pink Neutral
Audition | Neutral Rose
Legendary | True Red
Primrose | Mauve Pink

Smashbox collaborated with illustrator Ana Strumpf for the Decked Out, Drawn In collection.  It also included a set of makeup brushes, a travel primer kit, a lipstick palette, a lash and liner set, and a couple of other offerings that didn’t particularly interest me.  Is this illustration style my cuppa tea?  No.  But I am hard pressed to pass up a mini lipstick.


Bits and Bobs of the Set

Anna included a sheet of stickers with the intention to personalize your holiday gifts.  I tossed them.  Sorry, Anna!  I’m usually into cutesy and kawaii things; but as I said, this isn’t my cuppa.  As a nod to the photo-studio origins of Smashbox, you’ll see a camera logo etched into each tube.  A mini Insta-Matte tube comes in the box; and if you haven’t opened yours yet, you’ll find it wrapped in a wad of tissue that would be so easy to throw away accidentally had I not just warned you.  This Insta-Matte is the same size as the other deluxe minis floating around.  I’ve included one in the original packaging here for comparison.




Is Famous a pink neutral as Smashbox claims?  Ha, ha, no.  Famous leans in a coral direction.  Once it’s on my lips, I’d even say it’s light orange or even frosted-looking in depending on the light. It’s not. With the mattifier, it is more as described.  Pink, but not neutral!

Witchy reminds me of The Craft and is thusly named correctly.  Witchy is as stated: a deep burgundy.  It doesn’t turn brown like some dark colors tend to do.

Audition is definitely not a neutral rose.  I’d call it a latte, a caramel, a toffee.  It’s too light for my skin tone when it’s on the lips, yet I’d be hard-pressed to see who can wear this color successfully. You know what’s funny?  After I wiped it off, it looked neutral rose on the cotton round–not on the lips, not in the swatches, not in the tube, but on the cotton round.

Legendary is a Smashbox cornerstone.  A true red.  Is it?  Not quite.  Legendary is a blue-red as opposed to an orange-red.  It’s too light to be true.  Too pink to be true.  It’s more a young tomato.  My idea of a true red is darker than Legendary.  Paler skin tones could maybe call this their one, true red love.

Primrose surprised me!  It is young, Springy, and fresh.  It looks stunning and romantic once mattified.

Fig is perhaps my fave.  If Primrose and Witchy had a tube baby, this is it.  It’s more a deep, edgy rose than “mauve pink,” as described.  I want to wear it in a rose garden with a flowing dress.


What About That Mattifier?

Seriously, guys, this is just patting silicone on your lips.  But what makes me miffed is that this product is making me like the matte-lip look.  I usually don’t.  Every single shade looked better with Insta-Matte.  Except for Audition.  Nothing can make Audition look good!  Is the difference that this sits on top and not an incorporated lipstick formula?  I’d wager that’s the case.  Here are the ingredients:

Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Phenoxyethanol


Are these minis?

You know me!  Plus, have you been paying attention?


Was it a deal?

Absolutely!  This set retailed for a very reasonable $25 during the holiday season.  I got it half off and with free shipping on Smashbox’s site.  $12.50!


What is getting de-stashed?

The goal of this blog is to shop my mini stash, and I don’t want to keep anything I can’t wear.  But strangely, I struggle with de-stashing items from a set because I want to keep the kids together. If I had to choose (and I do!) Auditon, Famous, and Legendary get de-stashed.




Hey, if you look good in Audition,  post a photo in the comments below!  Which holiday sets have you not even played with yet?  It’s April! Get on it!



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