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Birchbox Sweet Beauty Treats is a one-off limited edition box.  It retails for $46 and is a fantastic deal.  Why?  Well, you get a $40 voucher to use at The Bouqs Co.  So pretty much everything else in the box is free if you’d planned on buying from Bouqs anyway.  And I had!  Add to that two cubes of Sugarfina candies and a Lipstick Queen sheer color I had meant to try and this box was impossible to resist.  Up top is how everything arrives in the box.  Keep reading for a list of everything in the Birchbox Sweet Beauty Treats box and first impressions.


Birchbox lists the value of Sweet Beauty Treats at $170. Let’s investigate!

First Impressions

The Bouqs Co | $40 voucher | The Bouqs prides itself on being an ‘eco-friendly‘ flower distributor.  What this means is that they cut their flowers to order so that they last, use a farm-to-table model so that farms retain more of their hard-earned money, and only with work with farms that are committed to sustainability.  Now, honestly, if we’re flying flowers from one part of the country to another, that’s hardly an eco-friendly model.  But I’ve heard that if they have a farm that is in your area when the order comes in, it will ship from there.  So, they’re trying.  I appreciate the effort.

You can order a single bouquet from The Bouqs or set up a subscription.  I had a bit of a customer service issue with this box–the voucher had not expired and yet when I attempted to redeem it, I got a message stating it had.  No more than ten minutes after I fired off an email, customer service had canceled the voucher code and issued me a gift certificate instead.  Outstanding!

Pink Sugar EDT | Pink Sugar smells precisely the way you’d expect it: spun sugar, vanilla, and a hint of floral (and some claimed raspberry that I couldn’t detect).  This scent is not my cup of tea at all.  But, it comes in an adorable candy-striped tube so it is eager to be regifted to someone who will appreciate it.  Pink Sugar is a rollerball that is one-third of the original size that retails for $20. So this offering is about $6 in value.

Sugarfina Sugarlips | As a connoisseur of sour gummy candy, I can assure you this is the best of the lot!  The texture leans more towards Sour Patch than Haribo.  It’s chewy and bright and deliciously sour.  I sampled a few other Sugarfina offerings after getting this box, and Sugarlips is by far my favorite!  The lips come in watermelon, berry, and bubble gum flavors.  Bubblegum sours aren’t nearly as odd as they sound.  Sugarlips retail for $7.50 a cube.  They are available in small cubes, large ones, taster packets, or a bulk bag.

Sugarfina Royal Roses | A solid offering from Sugarfina.  The hearty texture you’d expect from Haribo due to the gelatin content, but a bit softer.  Royal Roses come in strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and blackcurrant flavors inside the cube. Royal Roses retail for $7.50.   You can get them in the cube size or a small taster packet on Sugarfina’s site.

Aerin Rose Hand & Body Cream | Have you tried Aerin’s Rose Lip Conditioner? This cream smells exactly like that–the purest rose.  Nothing artificial or annoying.  I say this as someone who doesn’t care for the rose scent at all.  It absorbs quickly (which you want in a hand cream. Otherwise you’d never be able to turn a doorknob).  This cream is a 1 oz travel size and thus worth about $10.  The full size is a hair over 4 oz. and retails for $42.

Keep reading for makeup products!


Lipstick Queen Medieval Tinted Lipstick Treatment | Swatched above, you can see that this lippie is a sheer berry.  It’s a full size, hefty, metal tube.  This is my first Lipstick Queen product, and this holiday season I’d meant to pick up a mini set.  So I was thrilled to get this in the box.  You can pick this color up for $24.

Benefit Hoola |  A cult bronzer, for sure.  I’d never bothered to grab it until now.  I’m kind of excited to play with it since it swatched more neutral than I expected.  The packaging is pretty sturdy considering its mini size and when you close the lid, has that satisfying magnetic snap!.  The swatch above took about three passes so that you could get an idea of the color.  It’s otherwise very subtle. This mini is available for your travel needs at retailers for $15.  Big sister is about $29.

Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara | One of the ‘natural’ brands on the scene, this is a full-size mascara that comes in a fun plastic, flat-style tube instead of the round ones we’re used to.  I like this package design because there are probably seven mascaras under my vanity that have rolled away from me.  Wander has infused this formula with walnut seed extract and vitamin B to nourish your lashes as well as make them pretty.  If you’re interested in Wander Beauty as a whole, this mascara is featured in a set at Sephora.

Laura Geller Downtown Cool Eyeshadows | The rest of that name is too long to type out.  A product should never be 13 words, Laura Geller!  These shadows are buttery, glimmery and very pigmented–the first two that is.  I had trouble getting Cream to swatch at all.  The swatch above took five passes.  Goddess and Gilded Bronze, however, are stunning!  If you just used Cream as an inner-corner highlight or a brow highlight, you should be fine.  On the lid?  Probably won’t be a good performer.  This travel palette is available for $15.


Above, left is a detail of the Wander Beauty mascara wand.  I know some folks like to know what they’re working with.  The middle photo shows you the Bouqs bouquet I chose with my voucher (photo via Bouqs’ website).  And, lastly, don’t be me.  Use that little plastic tray to house the mini brush that comes with your Benefit Hoola. Otherwise, you’ll scuff the product like I did when I attempted to put the brush back.

So Was It A Deal?

I calculate a rough value of $149!  That’s less than the $170 Birchbox claims but still outstanding!  The Bouqs voucher itself is $40, which means, if you use it, everything else in the box was $6.  Also, I got this box for 30% off during a Birchbox sale.  So, I am a double-winner.

That’s all folks.  Here are some of the products if you’d like to take a gander for yourself in the widget below. How cool would that Sugarfina candy trunk be for a gift?




Have you purchased any limited edition beauty boxes lately?  Do tell!  I’m always on the hunt. 


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